Diagnostics for autoimmune encephalitis

Standard program neural antibodies

The standard program is a panel testing for neural antibodies. It is regularly updated to incorporate the latest findings and diagnostic possibilities and covers all relevant neural antibodies for the below listed indications:

Autoimmune encephalitis, limbic encephalitis, autoimmune cerebellar syndrome, muscular hyperexcitability syndrome (Stiff person syndrome, Morvan syndrome, neuromyotonia), sleep and movement disorders in the context of autoimmune encephalitis – paraneoplastic genesis as well as without tumor association.

Tested antibodies and diagnostic methods

The standard program for neural antibodies includes the following diagnostics:

  • Antibodies against surface antigens (IIF, cell based assay):
    NMDAR, GAD 65, GABA-A-R, GABA-B-R, IgLON5, AMPAR1/2, DPPX, LGI1, CASPR2, mGluR5, Glycine-R, mGluR1
  • Classical onconeural antibodies (immunoblot) against:
    Hu, Ma2/Ta, Ri, Yo, Sox1, CV2, DNER/Tr, Zic4, Amphiphysin, Recoverin, Titin
    (in case of positive findings, a confirmation by tissue based assay is sought = IIF on mouse brain)
  • Tissue based assay = IIF on mouse brain:
    Confirmation test for onconeural antibodies, screening for neuropil antibodies, antibodies against adenylate kinase-5, ANNA3, Purkinje cells, GFAP, GAD 65, Neurexin 3-α

Sending material, counselling

The highest diagnostic reliability and validity in the standard program for neural antibodies is achieved by the testing of a CSF-serum pair. We need 1 ml serum and 1 ml CSF.

For any questions regarding antibody-requests, please contact us on the following telephone number +49 5222 8076-259 or send an E-Mail to neuroak@laborkrone.de.

For questions relating to results, diagnostics or therapeutic consequences, please take advantage of our telephone consultation hours.

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