Sample logistics

Sample identification

In order to ensure the identity of the sample, a thorough labelling of sample and request form is essential.

Please complete the request form carefully.

Patient data, request and sender

  • Surname, forename, gender, date of birth, address, health insurance. An incorrect sex may lead to wrong gender dependent reference values.
  • Precise requests with information about test material, (suspected) diagnosis, medication, reference to preliminary findings, important clinical symptoms, disease onset
  • The test material is highly relevant for bacteriological tests (e.g. secretion, pus, punctate, biopsy material), sampling point, date and time of sample collection, case history (stay abroad, animal contact etc.) and antimicrobial therapy
  • Name and address of sender; if the sender is a hospital, please specify the ward or clinic
  • Please use our specific barcodes, if available

Test tubes

Please mark the test tubes with the specific (to request corresponding) barcode

If no barcodes are available, please label the test tubes with surname, forename and date of birth.

Blood group serological testing

Request form and test tubes have to be marked with barcode or clearly legible with surname, forename and date of birth. The sample will not be analysed, if the donor is not identifiable clearly.

The person, who collected blood for this specific testing, has to sign the request form.

Request forms

Form type 6 (general request form)
Form type 7 (microbiology)
Form type 4 (toxicology, drug screenings)
Form type 18 (neural antibodies)

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Unser Kurierdienst steht Ihnen von Montag-Freitag von
7.00 bis 18.00 Uhr kostenlos zur Verfügung.

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Our courier service labcar-owl GmbH is available from Monday to Friday from 7 am – 6 pm. The service is free of charge. Please phone our hotline number +49 800 182 5410.

The shipping must be carried out precisely, that the testing results are the same directly after the sample collection and after transport.

Ideal case: Collection of sample in our laboratory

Normal case:  Usage of courier service or postal shipping

We offer you shipping material for the different samples (serum, plasma, frozen samples etc.).

Samples with human body fluids and excretions are “potentially infectious”.

Please note the information on
Mailing of infectious substances

In Germany, law regulates the shipping of samples.

Applicable are

The Regulation on the Carriage of Dangerous Goods (GGVSE) from 10.09.2003

Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR) from 14.12.2002

German Ordinance on Biological Working Agents (BiostoffV) from 27.01.1999 based on following four risk groups:

The problem is that the doctor, who requests the analyses, has to classify the goods into one of the four risk groups. Also at first sight, clinically healthy people can e.g. carry the hepatitis virus in blood or are chronic carrier of salmonella without themselves suffering from it.

Risk group 1:

Microorganism, which are unlikely to cause Illnesses in humans and animals (e.g. Bacillus subtilis, Staphylococcus epidermidis).

 Risk group 2:

Less dangerous microorganism with moderate individual risk and limited community risk (e.g. Staphylococcus aureus, Yersinia enterocolitica).

Risk group 3:

Dangerous pathogens with high individual risk and limited community risk due to restricted infectiousness and the possibility of prevention and treatment (e.g. Bacillus anthracis (anthrax), HBV, HIV).

Risk group 4:

High-risk pathogens, which are directly or indirectly transmissible from one individual to another. Effective prevention and treatment is not available. The risk for individuals and community is significant (e.g. Ebola-, Lassa-, smallpox-virus).

Packaging, labelling and conditions of transportation depend on the risk group.

Risk group 1, 2 and 3

If transported by courier service, usage of laboratory provided packaging material is necessary.

Risk group 3

Hazardous goods packaging is necessary, if carriage by mail (e.g. known HBV or HIV infection)

Suspicion of risk group 4

A consultation of the laboratory is definitely necessary in advance!

The sender is responsible for the compliance with the regulations of the transport of hazardous material.

Alle Leistungen aus den Kapiteln B (Prävention, sonstige Hilfen) sind grundsätzlich nicht budgetiert.

Keine Budgetierung bei PBK oder sonstiger Träger (Sozialamt).

Alle Leistungen (Fälle) sämtlicher Laboraufträge (OI-OIII) eines gesamten Quartals unterliegen der Budgetierung nicht, wenn mindestens einmal im Quartal eine Ausnahmeziffer auf dem Laboranforderungsschein (Muster 10) vermerkt ist!

Ein Diabetes-Patient könnte eine budgetfreie Allergiediagnostik erhalten, auch wenn er älter als 6 Jahre ist. Vorausgesetzt, der einsendende Arzt hat die Ausnahme-Kennziffer für Diabetes Mellitus (32022) auf dem Ü-Schein eingetragen und innerhalb dieses Quartals bei diesem Patienten auch eine Diabetes-relevante Untersuchung durchgeführt.
Theoretisch würde die Angabe der Ausnahmeziffer 1 x pro Quartal ausreichen.
Empfehlenswert: Bei jeder Überweisung erneute Angabe der Ausnahmeziffer!

Wenn anhand der Fragestellung auf dem Überweisungsschein oder des Musters der angeforderten Analysen anzunehmen ist, es könnte sich um einen Fall handeln, der die Eingabe einer Ausnahmeziffer rechtfertigt, weisen wir auf dem Laborbefund darauf hin.

Bei Rückmeldung wird dann nachträglich die Eingabe der Ausnahmeziffer durch Ihr Labor veranlasst!

  • Printout
  • Fax (final findings, cumulative)
  • Fax (partial findings, optional)
  • Data transmission (LDT-Format (German laboratory transfer protocol) or PDF)
  • telephone call (general notification of abnormal / high pathological findings)
  • maternity log labels and blood group cards
  • result language either in German or English

Combinations of above mentioned result transfers are possible.

If you have any questions about the methods of result transfer, please contact


Karin Mädler
+49 5222 8076167

Frank Hilwalserbäumer
+49 5222 8076156

Sascha Bäumer
+49 5222 8076151

An order of shipping material is possible from 08:00 – 18:00h

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