Neural antibodies

Diagnostics for autoimmune encephalitides

Autoimmune encephalitides fascinate both neurology and psychiatry. The determination of neural antibodies has become a reliable part of clinical routine. Appropriately interpreted, neural antibodies help in the diagnostic evaluation of difficult cases, which often leads to successful immunotherapy.

Labor Krone offers the analysis of neural antibodies within the setting of an accredited laboratory routine. The evaluation and interpretation of results is carried out by Dr Corinna Bien and Prof Dr Christian Bien, head of the antibody research laboratory in Bielefeld-Bethel. This way, we provide the necessary experience for the analysis of assays and a modern and efficient infrastructure to meet your request.

Our concept

The link between clinical presentation and associated neural antibodies isn‘t always obvious, especially at the onset of disease. Therefore, we recommend panel diagnostics, which are also increasingly common in international standards. On suspicion of autoimmune encephalitis, cerebellar degeneration or stiff-man-syndrome, Labor Krone’s standard program tests for all relevant antibodies. For this, we make use of cell-based assays and immunoblotting as well as mouse brain sections for tissue-based assays (Euroimmun, Lübeck). The evaluation of as precise as possible antibody-titers (multiples of 1:2) assists in assessing the relevance of findings and in evaluating the success of therapy over time.

In addition to this, there is the option to request syndrome-oriented evaluations and further specific programs, such as for brainstem encephalitis, immune neuropathies or myasthenic syndromes. On suspicion of demyelinating diseases (NMOSD, ADEM, myelitis) we offer diagnostics for aquaporin-4-antibodies. Since April 2018, the evaluation of MOG-antibodies by live-cell assay is also carried out by Labor Krone.

The diagnosis of an autoimmune neurological disorder requires a clinical picture that corresponds with the antibody findings. It is our particular aspiration to always interpret the results in the context of the patient’s clinical picture. Please provide clinical information on the request form to help assess the findings and identify clinically non-relevant results. We are happy to advise our clinical colleagues on diagnostics and therapeutic options by telephone.



Dr. Corinna Bien


Assistant physician for laboratory medicine


Prof Dr Christian Bien

Scientific adviser at Labor Krone
Head physician at the department for epilepsy in Mara, Bielefeld-Bethel

Head of the antibody research lab in Bielefeld-Bethel

For questions relating to results, diagnostics or therapeutical options, please take advantage of our telephone consultation hours.

For any questions regarding antibody-requests or for ordering the request form Formtype 18, please contact us on the following telephone number +49 5222 8076-259 or send an E-Mail to To order shipping material please call +49 5222 8076-444.



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