Rational hepatitis A diagnostics

  • Hepatitis A serology comprises only parameters anti-HAV-IgG and anti-HAV-IgM.
  • On suspicion of an acute infection, IgG and IgM should be requested!
  • For immunity checks, IgG is sufficient.

Rational hepatitis B diagnostics

  • HBs-antigen is the outer surface antigen of HBV. It is a marker for infectivity.
  • Anti-HBc is produced at any contact with the virus, but not after vaccination!
  • Anti-HBs is the marker for immunity, it is aimed against the HBs-antigen. It is the only positive parameter after vaccination.
  • HBe-antigen and anti-HBe are additional markers for the estimation of infectivity.

Rational hepatitis C and hepatitis D diagnostics

Conclusion: For screening of hepatitis B infection, HBs-antigen, anti-HBs and anti-HBc should be tested, for checks following vaccination only anti-HBs (serum for each test).