Update of the analyses program

Dear colleagues,

We constantly adjust our diagnostics for neural antibodies to the latest findings and diagnostic possibilities. Hence we update our analyses program as of the 11th February 2019. Please note the following important changes we would like to point out:

Changes to the standard program: Serum VGKC-complex antibodies (RIA) are no longer tested as part of the standard program. Meanwhile there is sufficient evidence that increased VGCK-complex antibodies without demonstration of antibodies against LGI1 and CASPR2 have no clinical relevance in primary diagnosis (further information). However, individual requests are still possible. In addition to the cell-based assay, which is included in the standard program, testing for mGluR1-antibodies is carried out (further information). These changes do not result in a price increase.

Additional information on the request form (Formtype 18): The individual request for classical onconeural antibodies (immunoblot) in the category “Autoimmune encephalitides” is omitted. The test alone is insufficient for this indication and already included in the standard program. Within the section “Polyneuropathy/Immune neuropathy” the classical onconeural antibodies are still available as separate requests. The new test available in our diagnostic spectrum is myositis-specific and myositis-associated antibodies by immunoblot. A detailed list of the parameters included can be found under the indication “Myositis”. Within the category “Polyneuropathy/Immune neuropathy” we also have a screening for paranodal antibodies by tissue-based assay on offer.

Please order your desired quantity of the newest request form (Formtype 18) by e-mail to neuroak@laborkrone.de or by telephone: +49 5222 8076-259. Please do not use the previous form any longer. We are also happy to answer any of your queries about neural antibody requests. Shipping material can be ordered via telephone +49 5222 8076-444.