Dear colleagues,

from the 1st January 2018, the Ärztearbeitsgemeinschaft OWL e.V. and the MVZ Labor Krone are converting the coagulation analytics from the STAGO analyses systems to Siemens analyses systems. The following table provides an overview of the converted parameters with the changed reference ranges:

Quick (TPZ): 78 % – 123 %
INR (therap. Bereich): 2.0 – 3.0 bzw. 4.5
entspricht Quick (TPZ): 33 % – 20 % bzw. 12 %
aPTT: 21.6 sec – 28.7 sec
Fibrinogen: 1.7 g/ L – 4.2 g / L
Thrombinzeit: < 18.3 sec
D-Dimere (FSP): < 440 ng/mL

Validation of the new test methods did not show signs of any significant deviation of test results in comparison to the previously used method.

In the aPTT evaluation in individual cases, with a heparin concentration in the normal therapeutic range, slightly shorter PTT values than before have to be expected.

Please note the changed cutoff (< 440 ng/mL) in D-dimers (FSP) for the exclusion of a thromboembolic event. Furthermore, extremely increased D-dimers (FSP) will only be shown as > 8000 ng/mL in the future.

Should you have any further questions please contact Dr. Thomas Eller on tel. +49 5222 8076-289.