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Demonstration of respiratory tract pathogens

Dear patients,

With this short update, we would like to inform you of the expansion of our diagnostics spectrum for the demonstration of respiratory tract pathogens by PCR.

It is now possible to demonstrate 26 viral and bacterial pathogens or subtypes simultaneously from one sample with the new multiplex-PCR test. At the same time, the spectrum was adapted to the current requirements.

Please note, that the pathogens highlighted by a (•) can also be requested individually.

It is also possible to have the sample taken at our outpatient department in Bad Salzuflen, Siemensstrasse 40, from 08 o’clock to 1730 hours Mondays to Fridays subject to previous telephone registration on +49 5222 8076-0.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time if you have any further questions.

Referral form requires the request for “Respi-PCR”.

Sample Material

(1 ml material or. 1– 2 swabs)
• Nasal swab /-flush
• Nasopharyngeal swab / -aspirate
• Pharyngeal swab
• Tracheal secretion / -aspirate
• Bronchial lavage (BAL)
• Sputum
• other material after previous consultation

Pathogen spectrum (Multiplex-PCR)

Influenza A virus (Flu A) •
Influenza B virus (Flu B) •
Respiratory syncytial virus A (RSV A)
Respiratory syncytial virus B (RSV B)
Flu A-H1
Flu A-H1pdm09
Flu A-H3
Adenovirus (AdV)
Enterovirus (HEV)
Parainfluenza virus 1 (PIV 1)
Parainfluenza virus 2 (PIV 2)
Parainfluenza virus 3 (PIV 3)
Parainfluenza virus 4 (PIV 4)
Metapneumovirus (MPV)
Bocavirus (HBoV)
Rhinovirus (HRV)
Coronavirus NL63 (CoV NL63)
Coronavirus 229E (CoV 229E)
Coronavirus OC43 (CoV OC43)
Mycoplasma pneumoniae (MP) •
Chlamydophila pneumoniae (CP) •
Legionella pneumophila (LP)
Haemophilus influenzae (HI)
Streptococcus pneumoniae (SP)
Bordetella pertussis (BP) •
Bordetella parapertussis (BPP) •

Influenza – Information about the current flu situation

Latest information about the flu season

From the outpatient and inpatient sectors, we received reports that influenza infections this season are in parts more serious than in previous years. The number of admittances, especially to intensive care units shows, that early diagnostics and appropriate therapeutic measures on suspicion of flu are advised. At the same time needs to be clarified, how transmission of the virus can be effectively prevented.  Extended information can be found at the Robert-Koch-Institute (

Test request

Required are the patient details as well as the treating physician including fax/telephone- or mobile number, to ensure quick communication of results. This is especially important on weekends.

The confirmation or exclusion of influenza can be accomplished cost-effective and efficient from a pharyngeal swab within one working day.

Other tests for different pathogens of flu-like infections are also available and can be carried out using the same test material.

Sample material and virus demonstration:

The laboratory demonstration of the influenza virus is by PCR (Polymerase chain reaction) from a nasal/pharyngeal swab (optimal would be nasopharyngeal swab).


  • Dry swab of the nasal mucosa or pharyngeal mucosa
  • Any type of respiratory tract material (sputum, bronchial alveolar lavage etc.)

A bacterial swab (swab in transport gel) is unsuitable.

Are there restrictions?

Only one sample per patient should be sent. If several swabs are received for one request, these will be merged and a so-called “pool testing” carried out. In few cases, testing of several different sites (pharynx, nasal mucosa etc.) may seem reasonable. In such cases, we would kindly ask for a specific request for an individual test per sample site.


As far as sending to the laboratory is not directly possible, the swab should be stored cool at 4 – 10 °C. Freezing of the sample is not possible.

Influenza viruses:

In addition to the demonstration and differentiation of influenza A and B viruses, we also test the presence of subtype H1N1 and will indicate its demonstration individually.

Information can be found at:

When is the result available?

In general, the test is carried out within a few hours; the result however is usually available on the morning of the next day.

On Saturdays, analysis is also possible, as long as the sample material is received in the morning. If tests are required urgently, advance notice would be appreciated. In urgent cases, there is also a possibility to request a test on Sundays via the telephone number of the duty doctor. Here, an individual agreement is required to organize handing over of the sample and communication of the test result.

Reporting obligation

If a positive result is detected, an infection is considered to be confirmed. The result is reportable and we will notify the responsible health department accordingly. As far as necessary and considered to be indicated from an epidemiological point of view, further typing of the virus can be carried out.

Sample material and further information

Sample material, which is free of charge, can be ordered under the telephone number +49 5222 8076-429. Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time if you have further questions about virus detection and its interpretation.

Specialists in human genetics

Immediate analysis after tick bites

+ embedded in a doctor’s assessment +

Ticks are carriers of various bacterial and viral pathogens. Therefore, a tick bite can cause different diseases.zeckenbiss1 In our latitude, Lyme disease is common. The Lyme disease pathogen is bacterium borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato. In up to 10 % of cases, a characteristic skin reddening (erythema) appears after infection with the bacterium.

Even a long time after infection, borrelia can cause late effects such as joint problems and damages in the central nervous system.

Diagnostics from a blood sample should be carried out in any case, in agreement with the treating doctor, in a medicinal specialist laboratory.

Request for laboratory diagnostics

You can sent the sample material informally (request form) and will then receive the laboratory result of the molecular biological test within a few days.

Our laboratory doctors have many years of experience in borrelia diagnostics and yearly carry out several thousand tests for doctors in the whole of the Federal republic of Germany.

If necessary, your general practitioner can get further information about an extension of the laboratory tests or treatment options there.

We also have the possibility of doing direct borrelia demonstration in ticks. This has been available for years and is also carried out in our laboratory Labcon OWL.

Testing of ticks for borrelia as the basis for establishing the infection risk in humans and the consequent therapy decision has to be regarded critical, as not every bite of an infected tick leads to a transmission. Pathogen transmission from tick to human happens earliest 10 – 12 hours after the bite, as borrelia from the tick only transform into an infectious form by contact with blood. Testing of the tick however, can be used as guidance, if there is skin reddening or problems occur.

It gives additional information but does not replace medical advice and thorough monitoring in the weeks following the tick bite. In the event of problems, usually a focused and appropriate therapy is possible without problems.

Not all borrelia found in ticks are pathogenic for humans. In addition to this, there are multiple sub types, which may cause local infection in the skin but not a generalized infection of the whole body. In many cases, there is pathogen destruction by the body’s own defenses even without therapy.

Due to the, on the whole minor infectious risk, a precautionary antibiotic therapy is generally not recommended, especially as this is not without the risk if side effects and in turn can lead to undesired resistance developments.

Immediate analysis of the tick itself

As far as you would like a testing of the tick itself, the appropriate request form can be found here

Periodontitis – Supportive medication during and after antibiotic treatment

Our list of preventive healthcare medications can be found here:

Yours sincerely
Labor Krone