From November 2018, we have converted the iFOBT analytics (immunological fecal occult blood test) to the SENTiFIT-System by Sysmex. The more hygienic handling of the samples and the improved measuring technology of the immune-turbidimetric latex evaluation of human hemoglobin in stool samples make analytics faster and more reliable.

New evaluation criteria: < 100 ng/ml

For the SENTiFIT-System new sample tubes are required. Please order these via the enclosed request form. The old sample tubes can be handed to our laboratory drivers. Sample tubes already given to patients will still be processed for an interim period.

As part of the conversion, we also change the handling of our sample collection systems. We will provide you with a folded envelope for each patient. This contains information for sample collection, the sample tube and the “patient help for the collection of stool samples” leaflet. The sample tube already has a sticker attached to it. Please inform your patients, that they have to add their name, date of birth and date of sample collection. The patient can then discreetly return the filled sample tube in the envelope to your practice. In the practice, the sample tube only needs to be barcoded and then passed on to the laboratory. The sample tube can be stored at 15°C – 30°C for up to 5 days.

Your contact in our laboratory:
Dr. Sylvia Schön Tel. +49 5222 8076-159
Stefanie Rieke Tel. +49 5222 8076-195